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With so many great movies about these days, finding the time to watch them all is hard. Sure you can search the internet and try to find a download link that works so you can watch it later, but there is an even better way for iPhone and iPad owners. It’s an app called TheMovieDB, a free app that finds the links and lets you download them or stream them later.


It’s dead simple to install TheMovieDB, and you don’t need to download Cydia first.

TheMovieDB Features:

TheMovieDB is packed with useful features that make your viewing experience truly worthwhile. As well as being easy to download and use, you can also benefit from:

  • Being able to watch whatever movie you want, in full, for free. Download or stream any HD Movie you want
  • TheMovieDB finding the best links and torrents for every movie
  • The ability to play direct links and torrents from within the app
  • Full support for subtitles
  • Being able to download your movie to your device and watch it later offline
  • All the latest movies

How to Download TheMovieDB :

Direct Link

You will not be able to find TheMovieDB in the app store because it is not an official iOS app. The only way to get it is to download one of the most popular app installers of all time, vShare and here’s how it’s done:

  1. Download vShare directly on your iPhone or iPad, instructions at the link  
  2. Tap the vShare icon on your home page to open the app
  3. Search for TheMovieDB and wait for the results to be populated
  4. Tap the result that matches your device 
  5. Tap the Install button and leave your device while TheMovieDB is installed
  6. When you see the icon on your home screen, the installation has been successful, and you can start searching for your favorite films

Alternative Apps:moviebox icon small 120px

Another app that is well worth a look is called MovieBox. It offers much the same features except you also have a huge choice of TV shows to choose from too. MovieBox allows you to stream or download and is constantly being updated with the latest movies and shows. Find out more about MovieBox and how to download it by clicking the link.

The hardware provided to us by Apple these days makes watching TV and movies on the go much easier. And with Airplay support built-in, you can also stream your choice form your iPhone or iPad straight to a bigger screen. Download TheMovieDB today and enjoy all your favorite films for free in one place. For developer updates and news, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.

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