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vShare App is one of the top iPhone “Jailbreak Free” alternatives, offering unofficial and exclusive apps, many of them with Extra features. vshare icon 120px small

In this app, you will find quite a choice of Cydia tweaks for iOS devices, all fully working without relying on jailbreaking.

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How to Use the vShare App:

Once the app is successfully downloaded to your iOS or Android device, it is a simple matter to use it for downloading your games or apps:

  1. Open the app by tapping the icon on your home screenvshare_apps_3
  2. Choose your favorite category
  3. Choose from the list of available games or apps
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to download your game or app

Is It Safe?safety

Yes, it is 100% safe. This app is a legitimate way to modify your device, offering the content without the dangers that go with other types of unsafe modifications.

The app installer is fully protected with built-in SSL encryption.

Why Do You Need vShare?

With the latest iOS 13 offers so many new features, you might wonder why you need this app installer.

This 3rd party app store offers thousands of apps and games that you can’t get any other way on iOS 13 and not installing it means missing out on a great chance.

App Features:

  • Popular Apps – lots of Android and iOS apps and games 
  • Exclusive Apps – tons of vShare-only apps, including favorite games emulators, movie streaming apps, screen recorder apps 
  • Tweaks – iOS and Android tweaks to enhance your device user experience

Regular Updates:

vshare updates

The app developers are continually watching the app to make sure there are no problems, and all the content in it is tested for reliability too. Regular updates keep vShare secure and ensure that you can download whatever you want without any fear of picking up viruses or malware or any other nasty surprises. This is why it is so important to install any updates that are released.

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