vShare App

vShare App is one of the top iPhone “Jailbreak Free” alternatives, offering free and exclusive apps, many with extra features.vshare icon 1

In vShare app you will find quite a choice of Cydia tweaks for iOS devices, all fully working without relying on jailbreaking.

Install vShare

Supported iOS Firmware’s :

Download for Android devices is also possible. Check the download button below for more details.

vShare Android APK

PC users can download the vShare Helper app from the download button below.

vShare Helper for PC

How to Use vShare Store :

Once vShare is successfully downloaded to your iOS or Android device, it is a simple matter to use it for downloading your games or apps:

  1. Open vShare by tapping the icon on your home screen  vshare_download_8
  2. Choose your favorite category
  3. Choose from the list of available games or apps
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to download your game or app

vShare is Safe and Legal ?

This means that using vShare is a kind of legal way to modify, offering the content without the dangers that go with other illegal modifications.

You can do all this safe in the knowledge that vShare is fully protected with built-in SSL encryption.

Why You Need vShare ?

With the latest iOS 12 offering so many new features you might wonder why you need vShare.

vShare offers thousands of apps and games for “FREE” that you can’t get any other way on iOS 12 and not installing it means missing out on a great chance.

vShare Features :

vshare vip small 120px 2

  • App Store Apps – lots of app store apps
  • vShare Apps – tons of vShare-only apps, including popular games emulators, movie streaming apps, screen recorder apps 
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps that have been given extra features, including Spotify++, Terraria TV and MovieBox
  • Modified Games – your favorite games , all with extra features, such as Terraria, My PlayHome, GTA and more

Frequently Asked Questions ?

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