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With all the games we have at our disposal today, blockbuster games, full of wonderful graphics, you would think we would be satisfied. But sometimes, the simplest games really are the best. Minecraft is living proof of that, a simple game with uncomplicated blocky graphics that has been one of the most popular ever. But, it has some serious competition on its hands with a game called Terraria.


Once a Windows-only game, Terraria is now available on the Android platform but we’ll be telling you a way to get Terraria onto your iOS device for free.

Terraria Features :

Terraria is a simple 2D game of survival, a randomly-generated world where you get to explore, build and defend your home. In Terraria, you get the chance to:

  • Build a homestead
  • Design and create structures
  • Create resources such as weapons, armor, tools and much more
  • Fight to survive against 70 different types of monster
  • Fight 5 bosses

Terraria is free to download but requires in-app purchases if you are to make any headway in the game. Read on for details on how to install it on iOS with all those in-app features for free.

How to Download Terraria on iOS :

Terraria cannot be downloaded via the iOS app store but you can install it using a popular app installer called vShare. Alongside Terraria, vShare offers you the chance to download thousands of different games and apps, many with features you can’t get without paying.

  1. Download vShare onto your iPhone or iPad ( a full guide can be found at the link )
  2. Launch vShare on your device using the icon on your home screen vshare icon 1
  3. Search for Terraria and tap the download result for your iOS device
  4. Tap on Install
  5. When Terraria has been installed, go to the icon on your homepage and tap to start playing.

If you get an Untrusted Developer error when you open Terraria for the first time, just go to Settings > General and head for Profiles. Find the Terraria profile, tap to Trust and the game can be played without error.

vShare offers a huge amount of choice and it was the very first app to offer modified content. Terraria is just one of the gems on offer in the app; do have a look through the app once you have downloaded Terraria and see what other games or apps you can use. Share with us what you think of Terraria and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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