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vShare is one of the top known sources for 3rd-party apps, games, and tweaks, downloaded and used by millions of people worldwide.  There are users who have backed off from using it, not sure if it is safe to use or even legal, and that’s what we are going to discuss here.vshare icon 120px small

What is vShare?

Just briefly, for those who don’t know, vShare is a third-party installer, a kind of unofficial app store, full of thousands of different apps and games. Many of these have been created to offer different functionality or tweaks with extra features, and every one of them is free to use. It works on all iOS devices with full support for all the latest iOS firmware, and it is very safe and secure to use.

Is vShare Safe?


Yes. Whenever an app is uploaded to the vShare store, it is put through a series of tests to ensure it is safe to use. First, it is checked with a strong virus scanner. If the app passes that it moves on to the next step – the app will be manually checked by human beings, members of the vShare development team and if they find anything that looks remotely suspicious, the app will not be passed and will not be hosted on their servers.

Thus, you can rest assured that the vShare app is perfectly safe to use, and none of the apps will cause any problems on your device.

Is vShare Legitimate?

Many of the apps on vShare are unofficial apps or tweaks, and these contain extra features over and above what stock apps might offer. The way that vShare works is legitimate. Unlike Cydia, vShare does not break into the security on the iOS firmware; it doesn’t need root access and, as such, is not illegally accessing the inner workings of the firmware. It is downloaded to your device in much the same way as any other app, and it works the same way; depending on how you download it, you may even need to provide your Apple ID to install it, and that offers an even better layer of protection.

Because vShare doesn’t break any security protocols, it isn’t illegal to use and, as such, Apple cannot void your warranty if they find you using it. Second, your device is not being opened in such a way that malware or other security issues can arise and that makes it safe to use.

Can we Completely Delete vShare?

delete vshare

If you are at all unhappy about vShare and are unsure as to whether you want it on your device, you can delete it very easily. This will take your device safely back to how it was before you installed vShare in just a couple of minutes. However, in terms of safety and security, you really don’t have anything to worry about – vShare will not damage your device nor will it open it up to malware or other malicious activity.

vShare is easy to use and easy to install; try it and see how you get on. For more vShare updates, you can follow us on Facebook.

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