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Have you been using PlayBox to stream movies on your iPhone or iPad? Suddenly found that it isn’t legal to use? There are some app store apps that claim to allow you to stream whatever you want but most of them don’t do what they say and many are filled with ads. There is also a question mark over the legality of some of these too but there are plenty of legal apps that you can use.playbox

Want to know more? Then read on.

Top 3 Legal PlayBox Alternatives:

The three apps that we highlight below are all legal to use for streaming movies and shows onto your iPhone or iPad:

  • Tubi TV

tubi tv

Tubi TV is quite new in the content streaming arena and it is by no means a big app. However, it does offer quite a few movies and TV shows, all in different genres, offering something for most tastes. And, with regular updates, more get added, and Tubi TV is experiencing quite a rapid growth, not just in content but in popularity too. It is ad-supported, as many free apps are, but it is legal to use. You do need to be connected to the internet because it doesn’t support offline mode and you will need to sign up for an account for streaming – it’s free to do.

Download Here

Wait, there’s more

  • Netflix


Netflix is a household name, one that everyone has heard of. It is one of the biggest legal streaming services in the world and offers thousands of movies and TV series in multiple genres. New stuff is added on a regular basis. Some movies can be downloaded for offline watching and a search feature makes finding what you want easy. Netflix makes recommendations for you based on what you watch; the more you watch, the better the recommendations get. You do need a subscription to watch Netflix but free trials are offered for new users.

Download Here


  • Amazon Prime

amazon prime

Another household name, Amazon’s Prime subscription service offers a huge choice of movies and TV series. Some of them are included in the membership but some do require payment, either to purchase or rent. You can watch some of the most up to date movies and series and some of your old favorites, plus there are plenty of Amazon Originals. New users can get a free trial when they sign up.

Download Here

Over to you

All of these are legal so take your pick and enjoy what’s on offer.


  1. I had PlayboxHd on my iPad since 2017 and want to remove the iCloud account so I can use my iPad in my account. I tried to delete and reset but it says account not active when I enter the password. How can I get rid of this on my iPad.

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