vShare Not Working Error Fix

vShare is a popular 3rd-party appstore with millions of users worldwide. However, reliable it may be, vShare does still have a few problems.vshare error fix

vShare Errors and Solutions:

Below we list some of the more common problems, all of which are very simple to solve using the given troubleshooting steps.

  • Cannot Download vShare

This is the error that most people encounter and can be solved by following these steps:

  1. Delete any instances of vShare from your device
  2. Reboot your iPhone or iPad
  3. Download vShare again

This happens because you already have vShare on your device and the two versions are conflicting with one another.

  • vShare Stops Working

This error is down to the source not being verified. To fix this:

  1. Delete vShare
  2. Reinstall vShare
  3. On your iOS device, open Settings
  4. Go to General > Profiles & Device Management
  5. Find the vShare app profile
  6. Tap the Trust button
  7. Exit Settings

Try vShare again, it will work without any problems

  • Invalid Argument Supplied

Again, this is a simple error to solve:

  1. Delete vShare and then reinstall it again
  2. Reboot your iPhone or iPad restart - shutdown - slide to power off
  3. Open vShare settings and see if there are any updates, if there are, download them.

Try vShare again, it should work without throwing up this error message

  • White Screen


There have been reports of a blank white screen on vShare. This can be fixed like this:

  1. Launch your iOS Settings app
  2. Tap on Safari and then on Clear Website Data safari_clear_history_and_website_data

Open vShare and try again, the white screen should be gone

  • Profile Installation Failed Error

profile installation failed error

Users who get this error are most likely trying to install vShare at a busy time and the Apple servers are struggling to cope with the amount of traffic. In the first instance, wait and try installing vShare later. If the same error appears, try these steps:

  1. Enable Airplane mode on your device
  2. Open Settings > Safari
  3. Tap on Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap the option to Clear History and Data
  5. Disable Airplane mode and leave your iPhone or iPad alone for a few minutes
  6. Install vShare again

You should now be able to install it without any error messages.

  • Untrusted Enterprise Developer

untrusted enterprise developer image

Another very common error message. To fix this, go to Settings > General > Profile and click on Trust profile to trust the app profile which then stops this error.

  • Cannot connect to SSL vshare.appvv.api

Fixing this is easy :

  1. On your, iPhone close down all open apps. There must be nothing running on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Wait a minute or two and then repeat the steps at the link again
  3. If the error persists, power off your device, wait a minute and then restart it

We’ve covered the most common vShare problems here but if you come up against any other, please tell us by dropping us a line in the comments box below or by following us on Facebook and joining the conversation there. We’ll do our best to find a solution for you.


      1. When I download vshare it keeps asking me for Apple ID and when I put Apple ID, it just closes and doesn’t open. Also when I do reauthorization to fix Apple ID problem, it keeps saying reauthorization failed.

        Please help!

    1. same, but if I wait for a minute or two befor or after clearing website data, it says “Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding”.

        1. I’ve also got this issue. It’s my first time installing, o have followed all download advice and also the white screen error tutorial and still nothing?

  1. I have the same issue white screen and i am waiting I have an error message “Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding”. Please, someone know how can we fix this issue?

  2. Hi

    I installed Vshare in iOS 12 but when I launch the app I have a white screen and the iPhone loads continuously. is there a solution. thank you
    My iPhone is JB

  3. i downloade vshare pro but could not open because the serves has stop and i could not verify it. . what can i do? tnx

  4. I am still getting the white screen after i did the steps to fix it, still not working. Also when i open the app it says “ Safari cannot open page because your iPhone is not connected to the internet”,even though i am connected to internet.

  5. white screen of death!! fix it pls i cleared safari data and reboot ipad it still wont work!! can you tell me how to download mcpe latest update cuz i cant fu** 

  6. I had installed the app. After opening the app it only shows white screen. I cleared Website & history data fro Safari. After that when I try to open Vshare it say Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.

  7. The white screen is there for a little bit and then says “cannot open safari “ and maybe something about the servers.

  8. I’m still getting a white screen saying “Safari couldn’t connect to the server” and I’ve rebooted my phone and still hasn’t worked

  9. White screen issue here and nothing is solving it!

    I’ve tried everything posted with no luck.

    Cleared safari data, uninstalled vshare and reinstalled it 10 times, backed up my iPhone restored it to factory then tried to install vshare still the white screen.

    Please fix this issue

  10. I Have VShare downloaded but when I open it it shows my isp search thing and it says vappishare or something like that.

  11. Tengo el problema que marca safari no puede abrir la pagina porque no encuentra el servidor esto a que se debe ya intente con las ayudas que muestran reiniciar borrar y descargar y aun asi no me da respuesta

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