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While the app stores are full of games for kids, many of them are very basic and offer no educational value whatsoever. My PlayHome is one app that does. Officially only on the Android platform, My PlayHome is not a free app and is only available to iOS users through an app called vShare. Later, we’ll show you how to get it but first, a bit more about My PlayHome.


My PlayHome Features :

My PlayHome is a virtual dollhouse app, very original and unique in what it offers. It gives kids the chance to play with a dollhouse that is fully usable, right down to the bathroom and the light switches. My PlayHome offers preschool kids a set of unique features:

  • A virtual dollhouse app that is fully working
  • Everything can be used in the dollhouse, even the kitchen
  • Control light switches, appliances, cook dinner, make drinks, and much more besides
  • Grow the dollhouse; new features and new rooms become available to expand
  • Never worry about a real dollhouse piece being broken or lost again
  • Interactive game that offers kids hours of fun and parents hours of peace.
  • Lots of other cool features

How to Download My PlayHome on iOS :

My PlayHome is not available for the iOS platform officially; unofficially you can download it very easily using an app installer called vShare. Offering tons of apps and games for free, vShare is the leading source of modified content and apps that can’t be downloaded from any other source:

  1. Use the linked tutorial and download vShare onto your iOS mobile device
  2. Open vShare and tap Search vshare icon 1
  3. Look for My PlayHome and choose the version that is the same as your iOS version
  4. Tap on Install and leave My PlayHome to install
  5. Start playing when you see the icon on your home screen

One error that often appears is an Untrusted Developer error. Nothing to worry about you can fix this by opening Settings > General > Profiles and tapping the profile for My PlayHome; tap the Trust button and close Settings. When you open My PlayHome now, you will no longer get the error.

My PlayHome is unique in that it offers a great deal of fun and teaches your kids a sense of responsibility. Download it through vShare today and enjoy the peace and quiet as your kids immerse themselves in the game. You can get more useful tips like this by following us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


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