Gaming is all the rage these days, especially on mobile devices, and there is no arguing that there are some fantastic games out now. But what would you say if we asked you what one of the most popular games in the world is? Would you be surprised to learn that it is one of the simplest games ever released? That game is Minecraft and it is now becoming the go-to game for people of all ages across the entire world. minecraft game

What’s it all about?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game that invites you into a virtual world, a world that you have to build up for yourself. Starting in the middle of nowhere, your first job is to find enough resources to build a simple home and simple tools and, as you progress, expand and make things better. The world is full of resources, it’s down to you to find them as you explore caves, mines, lakes, waterfalls, forests and more. Craft weapons to fight the enemies that spawn after dark and craft armor to protect yourself. Raise crops, raise animals, survive – that is what the game of Minecraft is all about. And, like anything, you get out of the game exactly what you want.

How to Download Minecraft:

iPhone Install Link 

Android Install Link 

 Downloading Minecraft is not hard; find it in the app store and hit download or click one of these links. Don’t expect to get it for free though:

See how easy it is?

Minecraft PC vs Minecraft PE:


Minecraft comes in versions that cover just about every major desktop and mobile platform but which version is best? Well, that depends on what you want. Both the desktop and mobile versions offer pretty much the same game features but the most obvious difference is that one is mobile and can be played anywhere and the other can only be played on the desktop you download it on.

The mobile, or Pocket Edition version is slightly different in that it more child-friendly than the desktop version. Not only are the parental controls much stronger but nobody can enter into a multiplayer game without an express invitation first.

We’re not done yet

Another thing that sets the two versions apart is that, although the PE version gives players the option of purchasing skins and resources, there is no way to integrate with third-party mods nor is there any way of connecting to third-party servers like there is with the desktop game.

One great feature of both versions is that multiplayer games can easily be played cross-platform. Usually, iOS games limit you to playing only with other iOS players; with Minecraft, you can interact with anyone, regardless of platform.

Which one you choose is really down to whatever platform suits you because, as far as gameplay goes, the features are the same.

And lastly

Minecraft Features:

Minecraft is full of great features for all types of player:

  • The ability to let your creative side run wild
  • Build houses, farm buildings and more, exactly how you want them
  • Find resources to craft weapons, armor, and tools
  • Explore your surroundings to find precious resources
  • Hunt and raise your own food
  • Fight the monsters when the sun goes down
  • Three game modes to choose from – Creative, Adventure, Survival
  • Interact with other players
  • Supported on all major platforms

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and download Minecraft today and join the craze that’s sweeping the world. Follow us on Facebook and we’ll send more cool recommendations your way.


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