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Since iOS jailbreak is in short supply now, iPad users are turning to other means to get their movie apps, 3rd-party games, and tweaks, and one of the best sources is an app installer called vShare. vshare

The vShare app is home to thousands of tweaks and apps, all free and all without needing Cydia.

How to Install vShare on iPad:

You can download vShare on your iPad by installing the configuration profile directly onto your device.

Config Profile Link 1

Config Profile Link 2

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your iPad and go to the download button above.
  2. An install page will load, tap the link that says Install so that the configuration profile has permission to download
  3. When Settings opens tap Install Profile and put your passcode in
  4. Safari opens, tap Install on the popup window
  5. When Settings opens again, tap Install > Next > Done
  6. The app icon will load onto your home screen, and the app is ready to use. 
  7. If the icon doesn’t appear, do these steps again or try a vShare alternative for downloading free apps.vshare_not_working_ipad

Benefits of vShare on iPad:

vShare offers iPad users a vast choice of apps and games, including a massive selection of iPad only content. With the larger screen and high-quality resolution, the iPad is the perfect platform for playing games and watching movies, and the vShare app offers those in abundance. The iPad is also great for reading magazines and books and is a fully mobile alternative to a laptop. The keyboard is large and easy to use, and you can even add external peripherals, such as a mouse or another keyboard.  You can do anything on the iPad, surf the net, read your emails, chat on social media, and much more, and vShare store offers apps for just about anything. Read on for download details.

vShare is definitely one of the more popular installers and is ideal for the iPad. Download it today, tell us what apps you are downloading from it and follow us on Facebook to get more app recommendations.

User Ratings:

3.9 / 5. 16

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  1. I have the vShare app on my iPad ready to use, but it said “Safari cannot open page because it cannot connect to the server” why?

    1. sorry about the issue. The vShare app stopped working for iPad for quite some time now. Please use alternative apps like vShare which lets you download free apps and games on your device, outside the restrictions of Apple App Store.

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