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vShare is one of the best alternatives to Cydia for iOS 9 users. While it once relied on Cydia to work, now it doesn’t, allowing any iOS 9 users to access a decent selection of tweaked and modified apps that provide us with extra features on our devices.vshare icon 1

vShare has always been popular and looks set to be one of the best Cydia alternatives around so read on to find out how you can install it on your device today.

How to Download vShare on iOS 9 :

Downloading vShare onto iOS 9 may be done in one of these two ways. It is easy enough; just follow the steps of your chosen method:

Method 1: Configuration Profile

Config Profile Link 1 Config Profile Link 2

For this, you will need only your iOS device on iOS 9 and a reliable internet connection:

  1. From your home screen open Safari browser and then click any of the download links above.
  2. An installation page will open; tap the link to Install directly, this gives the profile confirmation that it can be installed
  3. You should now see your Settings app open automatically. Tap on the link that says Install Profile
  4. If needed, type your passcode in and wait until Safari browser has opened again
  5. Now tap Install option and wait; a confirmation box will open, tap Install and Settings will launch again
  6. Tap on Install and then Next > Done – this will prompt the installation to complete and the app icon to show up on your home screen
  7. Provided you followed the steps carefully you should now be able to start using vShare. If it’s not working, then try an alternative app installer for getting free apps and games.

Method 2: vShare Helper


vShare Helper is a useful tool developed by the vShare team. It is designed to use your PC to install vShare onto your iOS device, making things much easier, especially when your internet is not too good on your device. Follow the link below for more information about the Helper app and how to download it:

How to Delete vShare :

If for some reason, you no longer want vShare on your device, you will find it is quite easy to delete. Visit our How-to Delete page to find out how to do it without affecting any other apps or services on your device:

Common vShare Installation Errors :

There are a couple of installation errors that you may encounter when installing vShare but none of them are difficult to sort out. Check out our age on fixing common app installation errors for more information.

Alternative Apps:

vshare app alternatives

vShare makes downloading modified apps and games easy, with so many to choose from. If you want something a little different or have an Android device, have a look at some of our vShare alternatives.

vShare has always been a well-used option for downloading modified content an, with no requirement for Cydia any longer; it will continue to be so. Download it on your iPhone or iPad today and let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are. For more updates and tips like this, you can follow us on Facebook.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Buenos días.

    Descargué VShare en mi iPad (9.3.5) pero no funciona, sólo se ve la pantalla en blanco. Borrar el historial del Safari no hizo ningún efecto, sigue la pantalla en blanco.

    Probé con TweakBox y tampoco funciona. No se puede descargar ninguna aplicación desde allí. “Imposible descargar las apps, no se pueden descargar por ahora”, es el mensaje que aparece todo el tiempo.

    Agradecería infinitamente alguna ayuda de su parte.


    1. Disculpe las molestias y gracias por su largo comentario. Recomendamos las aplicaciones gratuitas que figuran en nuestra página vShare Alternative. TweakBox y la aplicación Emus4u son nuestras mejores opciones.

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