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Now that iOS 13 has been released you might be putting off updating to it so you can continue using vShare. Great news, vShare has been updated already and now has full support for the latest firmware.vshare

That’s right

Now you can take full advantage of the latest iOS features and security while still enjoying your 3rd-party apps and games.

We’re going to show you how.

Download vShare on iOS 13:

Downloading vShare on iOS 13 is really very easy to do, and you have a choice of two methods – one using your device and one using your computer.

Method 1: iOS Device ( iPhone )

Configuration Profile 1

Configuration Profile 2

  1. Open this page on your iPhone or iPad using Safari browser – none of the other browsers work so well
  2. A vShare page opens with some information about the app; have a read and then tap the Install option so the profile can be downloaded ios 13 profile downloaded
  3. Now the Profile page in your iOS settings app will open; tap Install Profile
  4. Put in your passcode if you are asked for it iphone 11 pro passcode
  5. Safari browser opens; tap the Install vShare link, and a confirmation box opens
  6. Tap Install and Settings opens again
  7. Tap Install > Next and, on the last page tap Done
  8. When you see vShare on your home page, the installation has finished vshare iOS 13 iphone 11 pro
  9. If you don’t see it have another go; it might take one or two attempts

Not Working?

If you can’t get vShare working, don’t worry, there are other Alternative Installers, try one of those.

Crazy simple to do

Method 2: vShare Helper ( for PC )

vShare Helper is another way of installing vShare onto your iPhone or iPad but, this time, using your Windows PC or Mac. It came from the same developers as the mobile app and was released to give you a more natural way. Click the link below for all the details on using it.

Download vShare Helper

Let’s move on

How to Delete vShare:

delete vshare

There are a couple of reasons you might want to delete vShare from your device. First is that it just doesn’t offer what you want, in which case, check out the list of alternatives. The second reason is because of errors – while most are easy to fix, sometimes, the easiest way is just to delete the app and start over. There are four ways you can do it, check out the guide below for all the details:

Common Installation Errors:

vshare error fix

vShare does have a few installation errors, but none of them are hard to resolve. If you do come up against an error, visit the page below for the solution:

Wait, there’s more

vShare and Your Warranty:

vshare device guarantee warranty

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether vShare will void warranties or not. The answer to that is no, and there is a good reason for that. The installer doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device; no hacking into the root of the iOS and no special permissions needed. vShare is downloaded onto your device with the same permissions as any official app and is legal to use, not to mention very safe.

The developers ensure your continuing safety by monitoring the app and fixing any issues as soon as they happen. If you do need to take your iPhone or iPad into an Apple store for repair and you are concerned about it, just delete it, and then you can reinstall it later.

We’re not done yet

vShare Alternatives:

vShare is one of many app installers released and is also one of the most comprehensive, but it may not be for you. There are some alternatives that also have support for iOS 13, so check out the list below:

Give it a go

Originally a jailbreak app, vShare is now available for all users without the need for Cydia. Update your device to iOS 13, take full advantage of everything the new OS has to offer, and still enjoy your favorite unofficial apps and games.

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