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vShare has support for iOS 12 and is full of useful features that you can read ( about ) here.vshare icon 1

Download vShare on iOS 12 :

Configuration Profile

  1. Open Safari browser and tap on the download button above.vshare profile
  2. You will see a page about vShare , tap the Install directly link so that the profile may be installed
  3. Wait until the Profiles page in your Settings app has opened and then tap the Install Profile link
  4. Type your passcode and Safari browser should open
  5. Tap Install vShare and then tap Install to confirm the download
  6. Wait until your Settings app opens once more and then tap on Install > Next > Done
  7. Look for the icon on your home page; if it is there you can use the app. If it isn’t, repeat the steps. vshare_apps_3

Method 2 : vShare Helper


vShare Helper was developed by the same developers to help you install the app on your device using your computer. Find out how to use it by clicking the link:

How to Delete vShare :

If you feel the need to delete vShare from your device, you can do it in safety and very easily using one of the four methods detailed in the link. It won’t take long and will not affect anything else on your device.

Common Installation Errors :

Installation errors are quite common on vShare but they are also very simple to fix. There are a few that you might come up against so visit this page to find out what they are and how to easily fix them.

vShare Alternative :

vshare app alternatives

While vShare offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of apps and games around, there are other alternatives that offer a few different tweaks and apps. Take a look at our list of the best vShare alternatives.

vShare will always be a popular choice for iOS users and now that Cydia is not required, more people can use it. Download it and follow us on Facebook to get all the latest updates and news.

*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


    1. Im having the same problem, i followed the instructions but i am facing a white screen when i open Vshare Store. I also followed the instructions of fixing the whitescreen (delete safari history). But it did fix it.

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