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vShare can be used by anyone, regardless of iOS device and firmware; it is completely free and it supports iOS 11. For full details ( about ) vShare follow the link and read on to find out how it works .vshare icon 1

How to Install vShare on iOS 11 :

To install vShare on your iOS 11 device simply pick one of the following methods and follow the steps:

Method 1: Configuration Profile:

Configuration Profile

  1. From the Safar browser on your device, tap on the download button above.vshare profile
  2. On the vShare page, tap on the link that will Installthe profile to your device
  3. When Settings opens, tap on Install Profile and type in your passcode
  4. When Safari has opened, tap on Install vShare and confirm your intent by tapping Install
  5. Settings will launch again, tap Install > Next and then tap Done
  6. You should see the app icon on your home screen and can start using vShare. If you don’t see the icon do these steps again.  vshare_app_2

Method 2: vShare Helper


vShare Helper is an excellent little tool that makes installing vShare onto your device dead easy. All you need is your computer and your iOS device and the instructions to download vShare Helper at the link.

How to Delete vShare :

Deleting vShare is easy and can be done in four different ways. Your device will soon be back to how it was before and no other apps will be interfered with. Full instructions can be found at the link below:

Common vShare Errors :

Errors on vShare are not that common once it has been installed but there are a few installation errors that make life difficult for some users. Find out what they are and how easy they are to fix by visiting this page.

vShare Alternative :

vshare app alternatives

vShare is home to a vast amount of apps, games, and tweaks but it may not have what you are looking for. We do have alternatives; have a look at this list of vShare alternatives.

vShare always has been and always will be a popular choice of app installer. It offers enough choice for all users to be satisfied so download it today and follow us on Facebook for more information and updates.


*Please let us know if the Download LINKS on this page are NOT WORKING.


  1. Hi
    Thank you for your good app.
    I downloaded app he app but when i want to verify the app profile, there is not verify message.
    Any idea to solve?

    Iphone 8 plus
    Ios 11.4

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