Don’t you just love the GTA games from Rockstar Games? Have you played GTA: San Andreas yet? Why not? It’s a fantastic addition and is packed with cool action.gta sa


Yes, there is a but – GTA: San Andreas is not free to play. It will cost you $6.99 to download, and you still don’t get all the features with that – there are several in-app purchases that will give you a real edge in the game.

Let’s dive in

What is GTA San Andreas?

The newest episode from Rockstar Games, GTA: San Andreas, offers you a whole new world with an old character – CJ. Wanting to avenge his mother’s murder, CJ goes back to San Andreas, back to what he thought he could forget about. But nothing has changed – it’s still the same corrupted city with drug wars, gang wars, and corrupted police. It’s down to you to take CJ where he wants to go, and you can do it in more than 60 hours of explosive gameplay.


App Features:

  • Gorgeous high-resolution graphics designed exclusively for mobile
  • Character models and lighting effects updates
  • Full support for a wide range of Made for iOS (MFI) controllers
  • Cloud support for saving games – Rockstar Social Club members only
  • Dual analog controllers for game movement and camera control
  • Customizable themes and game controllers
  • Support for iOS 7 or above
  • Seven languages supported – English, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and French

This is as good as it gets

How to Download GTA San Andreas:

You can only download GTA: San Andreas from the iOS app store so head there now or tap on the link to take you straight to the app; when it opens, tap Download and, when your payment has been made, the game will be installed:

Download GTA San Andreas

That simple

GTA: San Andreas is a cool game with plenty of explosions, thrills, spills, high-performance cars, and much, much more. You do have to pay for it, but the in-app purchases are optional. Share your iPhone or iPad with others? Disable those in-app purchases to stop them racking up unauthorized purchases on your credit card – simply go into your iOS Settings app and find Screen Time. Tap Content & Privacy and choose the option to disable those purchases.

It couldn’t be easier.

Download GTA: San Andreas today and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get more cool app tips.


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