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AppValley is the latest in a long line of app installers offering a kind of alternative to vShare app. It offers plenty of apps, ringtones, games, tweaks, emulators, and more and much of it is unofficial.appvalley app

AppValley Download Guide:

You can use AppValley on iOS very easily but not via the Official Apple app store. Instead, you need to follow the steps below, and all you need is your iPhone or iPad connected to a strong internet connection.

Download Link 1

Download Link 2 

  1. Open Safari browser and tap the download button above
  2. When the configuration profile page opens, tap on Install to give the profile the permission to download appvalley app profile
  3. Enter passcode and permissions where asked. app valley download
  4. When the app icon loads on your home screen you can use it – simply tap on it to open the app and find the app or game you want appvalley VIP

How to Fix Untrusted Developer Error:

This error happens because Apple doesn’t recognize the developer and hasn’t verified it. You can fix that by following these steps:

  1. Make a note of the developer name from the error message and click on Cancel
  2. Open Settings and go to General > Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find that developer name in the list and tap on it
  4. Tap on Trust, and then tap Trust to confirm
  5. Close settings, the app will work without error.

AppValley App Features:

AppValley is one of the most comprehensive app installers, offering plenty of apps and games for everyone. It offers features such as:

  • Easy to download and install
  • User-friendly app
  • Compatible with all devices on iOS 7 or higher
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Thousands of apps and games on offer  
  • Loads of unofficial apps and games
  • Fully tested for stability, security, and reliability
  • Regular updates
  • Plenty more features

Is AppValley Safe to Use?


Yes, it is. Apple is continually improving the security on iOS, and that makes it very difficult for jailbreak developers. But if that’s the case, if the iOS is so secure, how can an app like AppValley work? Easily, because it doesn’t work the same way as a jailbreak. While it may contain a lot of apps that you find in vShare, it does need to access the iOS root to work and, in turn, that means it isn’t going against or breaking any of the Security Apple has in place. It runs the same as any other app, and you also have the added protection of SSL encryption for all downloads. The developers also update it on a regular basis – so long as you install the updates, you won’t have any trouble.

Does it App Valley Void Your Warranty?


No, for all the reasons above. As no jailbreak is needed and as it doesn’t go against Apple’s security, they cannot void your warranty for using it. It is used the same way as any other official app, and it is reliable, safe, and secure to use. It is also legal, another reason why your warranty cannot be voided.  The only time you may need to be wary is if you download any of the vShare apps – if your device has to go in for repair, simply remove the tweak and reinstall it later.

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  1. Hi yes the moviesbox is saying unavailable now but I had the app before on the same device and can you tell me why this is happening because I have used app valley before

  2. I have tried both links but neither work I am not sure if it’s due to me being on Android if so do you have a working way to download via Android?

    1. Unfortunately, it does not work for android but there is a link on the first page for android. You just need to scroll down a little bit.

  3. Tinder is not working please fix would love to use it thank you other then that most of the apps I downloaded so far work I love this!

    1. Je vous remercie pour vos aimables paroles. Téléchargez et profitez du programme d’installation de l’application AppValley.

  4. I had movie box pro. Now it says unavailable and I had just downloaded it like a week ago. I supposedly had to update but didn’t know how.I like to watch the walking dead. Thank you

  5. Ok so I’m trying to download Crunchyroll, I am able to install it and everything, and everything goes well until I go to create a profile in Crunchyroll. After I create a profile and click login or create account it kicks me off Crunchyroll and when I try to open it again it just continues to kick me off, I have tried uninstalling crunchy roll and reinstalling and uninstalling an reinstalling AppValley all to no avail

  6. hi, ive been trying to download snapchat, snapchat tweaked, etc, and everytime i try to get on it, it backs me out, help, please?

  7. So, I did all of the possible downloads and the install button isn’t showing up for any of them and I was wondering if there was one I missed, and if not then I just wanted to let you know that the install button isn’t working again. Also, so my Spotify wouldn’t work cause it said it wasn’t verified but I verified it and that’s why I deleted it, but no matter where I verified it the second I went off the internet and into LTE it stopped working and said it wasn’t verified.

    1. sorry about the issue. there was a revoke by Apple, causing all downloads to stop. We recommend download AppValley again after 24- 48 hours

  8. I try to download a game but it just keeps saying unavailable

    I even delete the app and downloaded it again and it keeps saying unavailable

  9. Hi I downloaded this and a couple apps but I need to delete them, however the problem is my dad disabled my ability to delete apps and I need to delete them before I get into trouble

  10. No matter how I download cannot install any apps due to no install button or get missing except for random game or app it is available on . I have restarted etc also one of the downloaded profiles is not signed and never have me choice of installing automatically said not verified and did not allow me to install and which one do I download first or both ina order.

    1. sorry about the isuse. If you can’t open/verify your apps please delete and reinstall them now.
      The rest of the apps will be fixed shortly.

  11. I am able to download both links and was using The Arcana perfectly fine until I left my house and now it’s saying the app is “unavailable” even after deleting the app and restarting my phone/re downloading both links. Help?

    1. sorry about the issue. While you were away, AppValley was revoked by Apple. Hence your apps are not working again and showing as “unavailable”. Please wait for 24 hrs while the developers restore the apps again. In the meantime, you can download apps from other 3rd-party installers.

    1. Sorry about the white screen issue on the AppValley app. Do this to solve the problem. Open iOS Settings > Tap on Safari > Tap on Clear Website Data

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