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vShare is one of the oldest names in iOS circles, particularly among jailbreakers. This is because vShare was, at one time, the best Cydia repository for downloading modified and tweaked content, offering tons of apps and games for free. Well, vShare still does that but without the need for Cydia anymore, offering all users the chance to get their modified apps.

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Sadly, vShare won’t work for all users and others have found that some apps simply don’t work. There are plenty of other app installers to choose from, not just for iOS users but for Android users too, and these are just of the best vShare alternatives.

Emus4U App :

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Emus4U is one of the more comprehensive app installers because of what it offers. It isn’t just the modified apps and games; we also get some Cydia tweaks, like the popular games emulators that Cydia used to offer.


Emus4U offers loads of in-app customizations as well, so you can tweak it to your heart’s content. It is updated with new content on a regular basis and has some very popular apps, two of which are MovieBox and Spotify+ +.

TutuApp App :


TutuApp is one of our earliest releases, an app installer that is incredibly versatile. There are free and paid versions and even a tool that lets you use your PC or Mac to install the app on your device.


TutuApp offers a huge range of apps and tweaks, works on every iOS device and is updated with new apps and games and monitored for bugs regularly. It will even work on jailbroken devices, something many installers won’t do.

Panda Helper App :

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Panda Helper offers another great vShare alternative; with thousands of modified games and tweaked app, Panda Helper also has content that won’t be found anywhere else.


Most of the apps and games in Panda Helper have extra features and two of the most downloaded are Snapchat++ and Pokémon Go++.

TweakBox App :

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TweakBox is perhaps the most active of all the app installers, with an on-the-ball admin who is constantly improving and updating their app. It is packed out with goodies, loads of modified apps and games to suit all users.


You will also find a large number of Cydia tweaks here too.

ACMarket App : ( for Android Users )

acmarket logo original 120px

ACMarket is an unofficial Android app store offering modified apps and games for Android users for the first time ever. It is full of modified apps and games that can’t be downloaded from the official store.


Two apps that are popular include MovieBox and Spotify++.

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