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vShare is the most popular iOS and Android app installer we have and in 2019, it saw the most downloads ever. In 2020 vShare is offering apps and games for your iOS device that you can’t get from the iOS app store. You can also download e-books, comics, themes, ringtones, and games. This 3rd party appstore is easy to use; you just need a reliable internet connection on your iOS device. vshare

What is the vShare App?

vShare is a name well-known by long-term Cydia users. At one time it was an external repository that contained loads of tweaks along with plenty of other free content. Now, it still provides the same, but it no longer requires Cydia to work. Alongside all the iOS apps and games, this appstore is also home to a large number of Android apps, tweaked so they work on iOS devices. Check out the cool ( infographic ) below.

vshare infographic English

App Features:

  • Choice of the free or paid version
  • Support for all iOS devices and firmware versions
  • Includes thousands of free games and apps
  • A selection of unofficial apps
  • Lots of Tweaks offering extra features
  • Also has some Android apps
  • One of the easiest app installers to use

How to Download vShare:

This unofficial app store provides support for a wide range of iOS devices running most iOS versions, including iOS 11+. It comes in a couple of versions – a free one that offers access to thousands of free apps and games, and a paid version which offers a good deal more. Downloading is simple; just follow the steps linked below. We also provide an easy tutorial on how to delete vShare should you need to for any reason:

vShare is one of several external app installers, all designed to offer a little slice of Cydia for those that can’t update their version. This app store is definitely one of the more feature-packed, offering thousands of apps and games to choose from, including a few of the very best 3rd-party apps. With so much to choose from and two different versions, vShare has something to suit everyone.

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