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MovieBox was always one of the best and most popular movie apps, offering unrestricted access to loads of movies, shows, and more. Now, it’s gone. The doors are closed, and support has been withdrawn. If you are wondering where you are going to find an alternative that matches up to what it offered, don’t worry – we’ve found them for you. moviebox

What’s the story?

5 Great Alternatives to MovieBox:

The story is this – instead of leaving you to wade through all the many streaming apps on offer, trying to find one that doesn’t restrict you or cost you money, we’ve done the work for you.  What we found, and tested, for you are five alternatives that offer as much, if not more, than MovieBox offered. Some of them are not entirely on the legal side, but they are all safe to use.

Let’s get going:

  • Vudu App

vudu app icon

A late entry to the world of media streaming, Vudu is shaping up to be very popular indeed. Already it offers a vast choice of movies and TV series to watch, and that is being added to all the time. It is reliable and, although you do need an internet connection ( there is no offline mode ), there are no restrictions on what you watch. All you need to do is sign up for a free account.

iPhone App 

Android App

And another

  • Kodi App


Everyone has heard of Kodi. Legally, you can use Kodi on any supported platform for the purpose of storing your own music, movies, and photo collections, just to keep them all in one place. Not so legally, if you want to use it for watching other movies, shows, documentaries, live sports events and more, you need to install an add-on – there are loads to choose from. If you are worried that your ISP will pull the rug from under you for using it, just use a VPN.

Android App

Wait, we’re not done yet

  • Hulu

hulu app

A top-rated app for media streaming, Hulu is proving to be a great alternative to MovieBox. It works on all the big platforms; it has support for Chromecast and has an extensive choice of movies to watch. Regular updates add to that list all the time and keep the app safe for you to use. A web-based app, a single click puts you in front of a vast list of movies and shows.

iPhone App 

Android App

How cool is all that!

Once, there were few choices and, what apps were on offer were either expensive or limited in what they offered. Now, the world is your oyster. There are many more like these, and most of them are now free.

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  1. Did vshare remove movie box , play box hd? I really liked them I know they crashed here and there but reinstalling worked fine.. Just wondered if they will come back ever or are they gone for good? And what app would you recommend that’s like them! Any help would be appreciated

  2. do you happen to know why moviebox keeps saying it’s not verified? i keep deleting and reinstalling and i’ve manually trusted the app and when i go into settings to verify it nothing happens. please help.

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