With all the games we have at our disposal today, blockbuster games, full of wonderful graphics, you would think we would be satisfied. But sometimes, the simplest games really are the best. Minecraft

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Are you looking for an app that will let you watch movies on your smartphone or tablet for free ? There are some apps in the iOS app store that allow you to


My PlayHome

While the app stores are full of games for kids, many of them are very basic and offer no educational value whatsoever. My PlayHome is one app that does. Officially only on the

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The GTA range of games is incredibly popular, offering great storylines, fantastic graphics, and sound effects and totally addictive gaming. GTA; San Andreas is the latest installment, released by Rockstar Games ( official

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Fortnite is fast becoming one of the most played games in the world. It isn’t a new game by any means; originally released in 2017, it took a while to get off the